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Assalamu A’laikum Wr. Wb.

Alhamdulillah I say to God Almighty because have been given opportunity to establish company PT. Global Media Network (GM Music). Our entire director and staff of GM Music wishes to be the pioneer of innovation in the Indonesian music industry to produce the nation’s best musicians with quality music. We hope that the GM Music becomes a music label that will be interested in various circles in Indonesia.

Wassalamu A’laikum Wr. Wb.

Best regards,

CEO GM Music



ABOUT GM MUSIC. is a record company that records and distributes record albums from qualified musicians. GM Music uses high technology to record music and songs sung by musicians under GM Music. The high tech owned by GM Music makes the music and sound recorded clear and clear to produce music and songs in high quality. In accordance with the essence of the GM Music name, we hope to always continue to release the best Indonesian music works and is expected to grow into the future. The technicians and staff of our company have been strictly selected and only the staff has the image in line with the image of the company we can work with. We select technicians and staff based on their level of intellectuality that best matches the essence of the company name.


VISION. Being a music label that has high capability for Indonesian music scene.
MISSION. Being a creative container for the homeland music man. Providing a quality music presentation and Presenting music with the latest breakthrough.

CORPORATE CULTURE. GM Music has a corporate culture, namely: Good production service, Efficiency of production process, Relevance of music produced with the technology used, Actively contribute to music, Unlimited creativity